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Conservatory & Garden Building Centre at Buckland, near Reigate in Surrey

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Garage Roof Replacement

Is your garage roof

  • Cracked, split and leaking?
  • Dirty, old and unattractive?
  • Made from hazardous asbestos?
If so then it's probably time for a new one using modern maintenance free materials in a selection of colours and designs

For an initial estimate please complete our

Garage Re-Roof QuoteForm

Roofing Details

With fibre cement roofing sheets having a limited lifespan and public health concerns over older asbestos roofing, we solve the problem by carefully removing the old roof from the site and installing a new roof using box profile metal roofing sheets.

No More Condensation

These advanced roofing sheets benfit from a special anti-condensation treatment to the underside. This makes sure that your buidling stays extra dry all year round.

Wide Range of Colours

The new roofs are available in a wide range of colours and we are pleased to provide samples.
Garage Roof BA


Prices are confirmed following a FREE site visit but on average the cost to re-roof a single garage is between £900 - £1150
The cost to re-roof a double garage is on average £1300 - £1600 depending upon the type of roofing sheet chosen

Garage Roof BA2

Box Profile Metal Roofing Sheets

We like to do the job right and do it just the once so these box profile sheets are ideal and come with guarantee periods of up to 40 years
If you would prefer replacement fibre cement roofing sheets, we can offer these also

Garage Roof BA3

Metrotile Roof

For a special look of luxury we can offer a granulated tiled efffect roof in various colours with a felt underlay by Metro tile.
Metrotile Roof
Garage Roof BA4
GarageRoof BA5