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Conservatory & Garden Building Centre at Buckland, near Reigate in Surrey

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Greenhouse bases

There are lots of choices for your greenhouse base, the main princples being that the base should be firm and level

The most popular option is level paving slabs as these are easy to lay and water can drain away between them

Remember that water must be allowed to drain away so sealed solid bases such as painted or tiled concrete can result in lying water unless drainage is built in

Water will also be free to to move in or out of the greehouse in between the cill and the slabs - if you are growing in strict humidity controlled conditions then you may wish to keep this to a minimum and in this instance we would recommend that you build a one brick high plinth for the greenhouse to sit on

Your base will affect the long term strength and stability of your greenhouse so it is worth investing at this stage

It is vital that your Robinsons greenhouse is anchored down onto the base using the brackets supplied

Alton greenhouses do not need this as they use a heavy concrete kerb system that stays in place under it's own weight

All dwarf wall models need fixing to the brick wall

Bases such as tarmac and block paving are not ideal as anchorage can be difficult

Because greenhouses are commonly referred to by nominal sizes they are usually bigger so it is important to check the base plan that we supply before building your base

Greenhouse bases